You NEVER win the listing only using knowledge, you win

the listing by getting the seller to choose you

How to Build and Sell Your Listing Presentation to Be Chosen.

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Ben Coaches you on the Steps to building a listing presentation that’s very hard to beat while dropping nuggets of gold on listing strategy along the way.
Holds Your Hand Through building the presentation and implementing selling systems that actually sells houses

World Class Listing Presentation

Get a very distinctive listing presentation fitting your personal style building instant credibility, likability and massive contrast against your competitor

Sellers Psychological Languages

You will gain powerful awareness around people’s buying motivators and how to honestly connect with the seller making it easy to be chosen.

Unique Listing Strategies

More than just an winning listing presentation you will learn how to list and sell houses using Ben’s proven low cost, easy to implement strategies.

1 year Access

Get 1 year access to all recordings 29 chapters of packed full of cutting-edge training and a 22 page manual with everything pre built that you need to build your world class listing presentation.

Hi, I’m Ben Oosterveld

 Ben Oosterveld became a Realtor in 2012 and in his first two full years made one million dollars in paid out commissions. He also won the prestigious Rookie of the Year award for his district.

Ben’s real estate team is one of the top in Canada, but first, he is a business coach, a father, and a husband. Over the years, Ben has helped realtors create explosive growth in their business and personal lives. Many of his clients doubled their income while increasing their confidence, self-awareness while enjoying a healthy balanced family life.

Ben is an expert in helping real estate agents launch and re-launch while eliminating the dreaded feast and famine cycle. Ben teaches very simple business systems focused on client experience rather than traditional branding.  Ben believes that high level success is not only hidden in the newest strategy but also in the growth of the person running the strategy.

Ben is a genuine dynamic speaker that does not focus on being “nice”, but rather making a lifelong impact on the people he speaks to. He has a deep understanding of what drives people and what it takes to get to the next level.

Ben does not see himself as a Guru but someone who loves to help people grow and overcome the things that hold them back in business and life.  Ben is laser focused on creating a life that is deeply fulfilling for him and his family.

How to Build and Sell Your Listing Presentation course includes

Fully Engaged Video Training

Download 2.5 hours of a Private Invite Only Live Training Session.

Ben Oosterveld walks you through 29 chapters of incredible out of the box training, tactics and mindsets based in winning the listing rather than just being an expert at reading market data. It’s about winning the listing and blowing the clients mind so they tell all their friends!

($999 Value)

22 Page Pre Built material to build your winning listing presentation

Learn how to build a listing presentation that sells from the master Ben himself.

The reference material goes through pre built forms to build your winning listing presentation instantly.

($299 Value)

How to Build & Sell Your Listing Presentation Course Includes:

  • 01

    Likeability Vs Expertise

    Meet your new instructor, Ben. The author outlines his intentions for the class and encourages you to forget the idea that winning the listing is difficult.

  • 02

    Pre Listing Gift

    Learn how to win the listing in the first 5 minutes into your meeting. Gain a huge advantage by being thoughtful and kind to the people who invited you to price their home. Learn how the delivery of the gift is just as important as the gift itself.

  • 03

    Thank You Card Advantage

    This may be one of the most powerful tools along the way. Learn what kind of card you buy, what wording breaks down walls and the most important to deliver the tahnk you card with little bit of drama.

  • Show all 29 Lessons

    • 04

      The Initial House Tour Rules

      Learn what steps to take the moment they walk in the seller’s door. Know to sit right down and start presenting or instantly start touring the house? You will learn how to manage the tour with your energy and how to eliminating objections out of the gatewithout even trying.

    • 05

      The Title Page

      Learn a very simple way to create a title page that is about your clients and their house, not about you and your beautiful face or your clever branding. It's critically important to set the stage to your whole presentation.

    • 06

      The Listing Presentation Intro

      Never start with pricing. Learn how to set the stage to your presentation using the market curve diagram and the three parts of a real estate market. Educate the sell on the things that directly affects the list price. Learn when to show them your experience through stories rather than telling about how experience you are.

    • 07

      The Guarantee

      This is a very powerful to tool to show self awareness, confidence and respect to the seller. You will learn how to provide a guarantee that lets the seller out of the listing contract if you fail to do what you say you’re going to do. You learn value in showing the seller how to fire you as part of your presentation

    • 08

      Pricing the Home

      Learn incredible tips and strategies on presenting price to the seller. Learn how to give a price range never an exact list price. Learn how to avoid locking yourself in a corner and to deal with objections before they come out of the seller’s mouth. You will learn the basics on price adjustments, what should be in the presentation and how to explain the price using the current market conditions.

    • 09

      Active Competition

      This step is a huge opportunity to create contrast. Not only are you comparing the competing houses on the market but also the real estate agent’s marketing behind each listing. Learn how to respectfully point out missing details and sloppy marketing to show them you have an eye for detail and how important world class work is to you. This step is about showing them you do not miss details, showcasing your standards as a marketer.

    • 10

      Sellability vs. Increase Value

      Learn what increases value in a home and what increases sellability. This part will help you justify why the price does not go up with sprinkler systems and does with an extra bathroom. This will become your everyday vocabulary once you learn this. It will showcase experience and expertise when you present this concept well.

    • 11

      How to Sell Profession Photos

      Learn how to educate sellers to identify good quality photos and how to identify altered and manipulated photos. Learn how to educate sellers that it a certain type of photo is needed to sell on a 2” square online. This is all about educating your seller on things you should do and should not do when using photos in your marketing. Show them you know what you’re doing, don’t have to tell them.

    • 12

      How to Sell The Video

      You will learn how to present the video as a sales tool and expose other realtors for not using the video as a sales tool but a “get the listing tool”. Learn how to use the video to launch your listings, sell to out of town buyers, use it for social media and your website.

    • 13

      A Good Listing vs. a Bad Listing

      Learn to empower and educate your sellers on how to read the MLS feature sheet showing the important of adding schools, measurements, lot size, amenities and all the details that are essential to a great listing that gets picked up my auto property searches.

    • 14

      Are You Creating the Objection

      So much about landing the listing is about knowing when to shut up and let the seller choose you. Too much talking can cause them to create objections that only make landing the listing tougher. Once you have the commitment learn how to move right into your listing action plan. Learn how to make it easy on yourself and simply get the deal done.

    • 15

      Putting up The Listing

      Learn to educate your seller on the back end process of getting the listing live online. If you don’t have an assistant yet this may motivate you to get one. You will learn how to expose the weak points of busy agents who think they can do it all without help. This section teaches you how to separate yourself from the pack and show your personal awareness around what it takes to be truly successful in a service business.

    • 16

      The Write up

      You will learn how to do a write up that hits hard on your first sentence and keeps hitting until the last word. Learn there are always two writes ups in one, 1. The write up for the “skimmers” and 2. The write up for the detailed readers. Learn how to avoid a fluffy wordy write up that does not convert.

    • 17

      How to Sell Social Media

      Learn how to educate your sellers on how social media directly affects their sale and how target paid advertising can be effective if done right. You will also learn to contrast the popularity of social media by showing them how its more about promoting the Agent then the houses they sell.

    • 18

      Craigslist , Kijijj and other free Advertising

      Learn to how to set realistic expectations for the free marketing platforms and how to use stories to show them the results you have gotten.

    • 19

      Your Website

      Learn to educate your seller on different types of websites and how they benefit them. You will learn how to speak about websites to create contrast to favour the style of website you have.

    • 20

      Market your buyers

      This chapter is a Gold Mind. You will learn how powerful of marketing your buyers. You will gain a massive competitive edge in your listing presentation against Real Estate Agents that do not market there buyers.

    • 21

      Soft Launch Exclusive Listings

      This strategy is like bringing a gun to a knife fight. Learn how to give your seller listing options your competitors won't have. Learn how to get the listing on the spot even if they don't want to list for a few weeks or months. Also create an amazing way to attract new buyers by offering "not on MLS listings" only you have. Learn all the steps to executing this strategy in this chapter.

    • 22

      World Class Open Houses

      Learn how to do a world class open house and benefits to the seller. (Not what you expect) Once you present the new reasons for doing open houses the seller will be left wondering why other real estate agents are not maximizing the full benefit of the open house.

    • 23

      Lighting Fast Response Time

      You can have the best marketing in the world but if you don’t have systems in place to create response time you lose. Learn how to elegantly sell the idea of response time and in turn showcase your personal standards and values they receive when they hire you.

    • 24

      Navigating the Sale

      Learn how to put navigating systems in place to always keep you seller informed and keep you looking good even when you get busy. Learn how to sell yourself as their stock broker for real estate always

    • 25

      Show Active Buyers

      Learn how to talk about your current buyers. You will learn to set expectations around buyers and the difference between a tire kicker and a hot buyer. Educate sellers on how many buyer leads it actually takes to make a sale.

    • 26

      Feedback Reports

      You will learn a world class feedback system that always impresses the seller and creates massive contrast to your competition. You will learn to deconstruct the reason for feedback and why it’s critical in getting their house sold.

    • 27

      Listing Reports

      Learn how to create a listing report system that is easy and can be outsources. This is another reason for them to choose you and 100% will separate you from the normal realtor.

    • 28

      How to Sell Your Commissions

      This powerful technique will change your business and increase your profit margin paying for this course 10X. Dissolve any fear around commission objections and instantly build your confidence to get full commissions every time. You learn how to will break down the commissions to your seller in a way that will remove all objections around discounting your fee.

  • 29

    1 Step or 2 Step Listing Presentation

    Your broker may be telling you to do listing presentations a certain way but they may be giving advice that does not fit you. Learn that both ways work. Ben breaks down the pros and cons of both. You can decide what style best serves you.

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I promise that once you implement all the strategies and systems in place to build your listing presentation you will sell your houses and always be ahead of your competition.

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The CMA Training took my business to the next level. No doubt, it improved my Listing Presentation Skills. More importantly, a huge contributor to building inner-confidence when competing against other agents for a listing. I now have a consistent flow of new listings. In 2017 I was awarded the #1 Top Sales Agent in my office. Taking the course helped lay the foundation to my success.

I took Ben’s CMA training earlier this year and even though I already felt pretty good about my ability, I got a lot out of it. I truly believe it helped me with a few listings. I have been selling real estate since 2005 and you can always learn something new. Ben is very good at what he does & I would highly recommend learning what he has to offer.

I won my next 7 listing presentations– Right after taking the trainingI have been a realtor for years and no one ever taught me how to do a real listing presentation until this course. I realized what I was doing was very generic and I would only win 50% of my listings. I also have so many new selling techniques that actually serve the seller and work so good.

The Sellers feel my confidence for sure. I truly believe I am the best option for them now! 

I now almost win every listing I compete with even if it’s against the most experienced realtor. The systems I have learned are so easy to follow and not hard to learn. I listened to the training so many time because it is rich with rich subtleties, selling techniques and very easy systems to replicate!  This was very significant to my career as a Realtor.

I took a number of ideas from Ben’s listing presentation and made them my own. As a realtor with 10 years experience and many more in sales I recognized many ingenious components which help me establish trust, rapport, and credibility as a market expert.

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